With our On-Time Delivery Guarantee, if your order does not arrive by the guaranteed delivery date (“Guaranteed Delivery Date”), we will provide you with 500 points as compensation, subject to the restrictions listed below. 

The DRESSIN points (“Points”) you receive will be issued to your DRESSIN user account (“User Account”) within 2 business days following the missed Guaranteed Delivery Date and will expire 30 days after the date of issuance. You may view your Points in the My Points section of your User Account. Be sure to use your Points before their expiration date.

Terms & Conditions

1. The On-Time Delivery Guarantee is free of charge.

2. The Guaranteed Delivery Date is the latest date in the estimated delivery date range included in your order confirmation email. The date that a package has arrived at your address is determined by the tracking information provided by our shipper.

3. You must check the On-Time Delivery Guarantee box at checkout and enter a valid delivery address when you place an order.

4. We will provide you with one allotment of 500 Points in the following situations:
a. We shipped your entire order in one package and the package did not arrive by the Guaranteed Delivery Date;
b. We shipped your order in multiple packages, and two or more packages in the order did not arrive by the Guaranteed Delivery Date; or
c. We shipped multiple orders in one package, and that package did not arrive by the Guaranteed Delivery Date of one of the orders in the package.

Please note that an attempted delivery on or before the Guaranteed Delivery Date satisfies the On-Time Delivery Guarantee (i.e., if a delivery is attempted but is unsuccessful due to no one being home, or if the package is returned to sender).

5. Points will not be issued in the following situations:
a. A package has not arrived by the Guaranteed Delivery Date due to the inaccuracy of the delivery information (address, ZIP code, etc.) provided at checkout; or
b. A package does not arrive by the Guaranteed Delivery Date due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our control (“Force Majeure Event”), such as acts of God, natural disasters, earthquakes, severe weather, strikes, pandemic-related restrictions, war, civil unrest, government orders or actions, national or regional emergencies, telecommunication breakdowns, power outages, inadequate transportation services, or other similar events beyond our reasonable control. Whether an event is a Force Majeure Event will be determined by us at our sole discretion.

Please contact our Customer Care team if you have any questions.