1.1 Introduction

Welcome to DRESSIN VIP! DRESSIN VIP is our rewards program established to give back to our loyal customers. As a member of the DRESSIN VIP program, you can upgrade your VIP level and earn incredible rewards just by shopping. Becoming a member signifies your agreement to and acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

1.2 Applicability
This program is only applicable on DRESSIN’s U.S. website. Every purchase you make as a member will be recorded and credited towards your membership status.

1.3 Validity
Once you successfully register a DRESSIN account, you automatically acquire DRESSIN VIP membership status. Every purchase you make on the DRESSIN website aids in elevating your membership level, which is determined by your total amount spent. However, it’s important to note that refunded, rejected, or canceled orders, as well as portions of orders paid for using DRESSIN gift cards and wallet top-ups, will not be included in your total amount spent and thus will not affect your VIP level.

1.4 Membership
DRESSIN VIP is completely free to join. VIP membership is for individual use only and is limited to one account per individual. Your registration indicates that you have reached the legal age to join our program, and you are responsible for updating the email and contact information associated with your account. Please note that it is not possible to consolidate spending totals from multiple accounts to upgrade an account’s VIP level. Your account can only be registered as either Business-end or Consumer-end. Once you achieve a certain VIP level, that level is permanent, and you can enjoy the privileges of that level at any time.

DRESSIN reserves the right to cancel the membership of anyone who violates these Terms and Conditions. Any fraudulent activity or attempts to manipulate or abuse this program will result in the account being removed from this program without further notice. Once membership is terminated, all rewards associated with the membership will be immediately canceled.

2. About Levels
2.1 Introduction

The DRESSIN VIP level system is designed differently for Consumer-end customers and Business-end customers, and these systems and their benefits cannot be interchanged. There are different VIP levels for Consumer-end and Business-end customers. Each level has its own corresponding points-to-dollar exchange ratio, and the higher the level, the more favorable the exchange ratio.

2.2 Level Changes
Your VIP level is determined by the total cumulative spending associated with your account. Once your total spending reaches the upgrade threshold, your VIP level will automatically be upgraded. Once a certain level is reached, you will permanently enjoy the privileges of that level.

3. Reward System Details
As a DRESSIN VIP member, you will enjoy a more favorable points-to-dollar exchange ratio over time. For lowest-level (VIP0) members, 100 points is equivalent to 1 dollar.
There are 9 VIP levels for Consumer-end customers. Once your total spending reaches 240 dollars and you become a VIP1 member, every 98 points is equivalent to 1 dollar. The higher the VIP level, the fewer points you need per dollar. For our highest-level (VIP9) Consumer-end members, 1 dollar equates to only 50 points.

4. Further Information
4.1 Approval

Joining our loyalty program signifies that you have read and agreed to be bound by these Terms and Conditions. DRESSIN reserves the right to change, limit, or modify the DRESSIN VIP rules, regulations, rewards, membership qualifications, and any other DRESSIN VIP features, as well as the right to terminate the DRESSIN VIP program at any time. We will endeavor to provide appropriate notice of any changes through the DRESSIN website and/or email correspondence. You can view the latest version of the rules on this page. If the Terms and Conditions change, your continued use of DRESSIN member benefits will be considered acceptance of the modified Terms. If you do not accept the modified Terms, you should instead stop using your member rewards. Please regularly check the DRESSIN website for updates.

4.2 Liability Limitation
If the program cannot operate as planned for any reason (including fraud or attempted fraud), DRESSIN has the right to modify the program Terms, including rewards and levels, or to suspend or terminate the program. This could result in the loss of purchases and in rewards and privileges associated with the program being canceled. Any abuse of the program, failure to comply with any provision of the program, misrepresentation, action that harms DRESSINs interests, or fraud or attempted fraud may result in membership being canceled and may affect the member’s future eligibility to participate in the program.

4.3 Communication
If the program Terms or rewards are modified, suspended, or terminated, DRESSIN will notify you by mail, email, and/or other appropriate channels and will display all changes on this page. Unsubscribing from the DRESSIN mailing list will result in you not receiving our messages in a timely manner, and if the program is modified or suspended, you will not receive any compensation from DRESSIN. Please note that DRESSIN may continue to send you emails regarding changes to or information about your account and DRESSIN VIP membership.

DRESSIN reserves the right to modify, update, or terminate the DRESSIN VIP membership Terms at any time, which may involve changes in level status and rewards. Finally, DRESSIN has the right to final interpretation of these Terms.

If you have any questions about the DRESSIN VIP program, please contact our customer service team.

Last Updated: January 18, 2024