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9 Trends Crazy Popular RN


Some gals are all about the basics, but I am a lass who LOVES to chuck a trend or 40 into my closet. While I was a bit sceptical of lasts years top trends (the corset belts are going to haunt us forever), this season is KILLING my bank account with all the fresh colours and prints peeking out at me in all directions. Pop a few into your style arsenal and prepare to turn heads in every direction.


My earliest memory of the check print comes in the form of Cher’s yellow skirt in Clueless. The check print is part schoolgirl, part farmer and part prep; making a cute AF essential print for every fashionista.  While the print began its comeback on blazers and trousers, it’s graduated from chic suit sets to asymmetrical skirts, jumpsuits and the humble button-up.



For my monochrome loving lasses who love the trend but baulk at adding colour to their closet palette.



I wasn’t loving this trend to begin with as it honestly looked like the jacket my nanny has been sporting for about 15 years. But jokes on me as Nanny is clearly ahead of the trends. The teddy coats are the warmest, most comfortable thing you’ll ever wear AND you look adorable in them.



Guys… I could NOT be happier that leopard print has made a comeback. For a while, it was reserved for costume parties and this made me very sad. But now it’s back mainstream with a vengeance and I couldn’t be happier.  Dare I say everyone in fashion across the globe RN has at least one piece in the standout animal-print, so you know, get onboard! 



So sort of like a hybrid between gingham and check prints – these pants are comfy AF and belong in every gal’s wardrobe. Whether you’re after a relaxed fit pair or something more toight – we have a giant array of the popular pantaloons.



For the athletic (or likes to pretend she is) cool girl. The horizontal or vertical stripe detailing on what are otherwise basic shapes and styles, instantly gives it a sports luxe vibe the insta world are frothing over.

sporty stripes


Yes, just stripes, minus the sporty. Pants, two-piece sets, cosy tops and luxe swimwear; we’re celebrating stripes in a major way and I’m all for it. You’ll notice that many of our stripey styles are printed in a vertical stripe which is WAY more flattering as it elongates your figure.



The pattern is peaking RN so best get your mitts on some styles ASAP, lest you’ll be left in a wake of contrasting checks. The Showpo team are creative little fillies and have produced a vast array of gingham styles, elevating the simple pattern in all kinds of clever ways to make an impression.



The fierce and fashionable colour is having a real bold moment in all of its combat-esque glory. I love that the bold colour can be juxtaposed in soft fabrics and cuts, making it way more feminine you thought possible. Whether your style is girly or more tomboy, this shade is versatile AF.



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